Our team

Jan Suiskens
Jan SuiskensCreative Director
Jan started his own advertising agency in 1992 and has years of experience in the field of concept and strategy development. He started developing films in 2010 and was soon noticed by renowned national and international clients. Furthermore, Jan composes his own music, writes columns and regularly gives guest lectures.
Eugenie Wijffels
Eugenie WijffelsMarketing Director
As co-founder, Eugenie has extensive experience in developing marketing and communication plans and strategies. Eugenie specialises in internet marketing and database marketing. As a marketer, she works closely with creative teams and is in charge of reviewing market concepts and ideas.
Anneloes van Gijlswijk
Anneloes van GijlswijkProducer
Producer Anneloes controls the entire process involved in each production. From casting to scouting the right locations to crew composition, Anneloes is the central element linking everything together. She remains calm, even though she works on eight projects at a time and has to adjust schedules at the very last second. Because Anneloes always aims to give customers the “wow” experience by showing them the final result.
Bo Wouters
Bo WoutersEditor
“You can’t make a movie without an editor.”
Servi Willems
Servi WillemsCameraman
In film, anything is possible. Our cameraman Servi makes sure of that.
PukCorporate dog