Our work method


We start with an interview in which we get to know the company and its USPs.
We will discuss the purpose of the corporate video or commercial: what result do you want to achieve? And who is your target audience?

Pre production

Based on this briefing, our creative director Jan Suiskens will develop a unique draft and write the script. The producer will set the preliminary production plans.


After the draft has been approved, we start production. We can create a corporate video consisting only of existing footage (images/video). But if we do need to shoot new footage, we can bring our own film crew and arrange for the location, props and if necessary also the actors.

Post production

Our editor will then view all available footage and, if necessary, look for additional footage.
The voice-over is then selected and recorded, and the music for your corporate trailer is selected and composed. The voice-over, music, footage and images will be merged into a final version for presentation. We will present this version, after which any adjustments can be made if necessary.
If desired, we can also add subtitles or add versions in other languages.


We always deliver your corporate trailer in a file format of your choice. If desired, we can create a personal YouTube channel and QR Code.

Interested in an appointment?

Curious as to how we can create the perfect corporate video for you? Please contact us.